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Getting to be a habit...

And a bad one at that. this not tired/no sleeping shit has got to go. Since I'm cursed to hear about it at work, can I get a sleeping pill or SOMETHING? All I ever hear about is how tired someone is. How they only got about 5 hours of sleep and how it sucks coming in at 5. pm. I want to slap them. try getting about 3 hours (if that) and coming in at 8 and then repeating it daily? ok, so maybe not daily, but more than thee who is complaining. There is a reason the managers don't call you in to work 10 1/2 hour shifts... YOU WHINE TOO MUCH!! Seriously. On Thurs, I went in at noonish and got off at close... which after closing, it was 10:30. I had bitches complaining to me about how they were so tired at 8 when they came in at 4. I'm going, "umm... I've already worked for 8 hours, along with about 5 hours of sleep. And Lord knows when i'll go to bed tonite. I'm thinking probably 3 or 4. Like usual. They look at me and the thought process in their head must go something like, "But my life is worse. Yes, it is. I have to work tonight for 6 hours... my life sucks more, I must be more tired."

At least thats how it seems.

I know I seem to whine a lot... mainly it's all kept in my head. Well, I think it is, at least. Of course, the hypocondriac also thinks they have actual diseases, too.

Texting... I think I have about 13 to get me through till Sat. I think. I told my mom she should have gotten unlimited!! lol.

I'm bored. I think I have reached the end of the internet... I've been on too much lately...


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Jun. 9th, 2007 01:34 pm (UTC)
*hugs* I wish there was something I could do to help hang in there honey! It has to get better right?
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