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can't stop my mind.

Why tonight?

Why is tonight the night i cannot shut my brain off?

Is it because i slept for almost 6 hours this evening?

I want to sleep. I want to stay in my bed and not have to get up. I don't want to go to work.

I really don't like work right now. thank God i get another couple of days off soon. I mean, I have to work, technically, but not there. I hate it there right now.

Some of the high schoolers are great. Others... not so much.

I don't like our GM, I don't like the new manager... I don't like a couple of the new kids they're hiring... I'm I just that resistant to change or am I just still holding a grudge from them firing Russ and bringing in all these new kids? It sucks because I've been at that store longer than they but they have been with the company for so much longer.

The new manager? ya. I think she speaks more Spanish than English. They have let her open when she doesn't even know where everything is. Today, she asked me to set up a party. no problem, I've done it before. A LONG time ago, but I've done it before. I felt like i couldn't ask any questions because i guess I'm suppose to know everything! when I DID ask questions, they answered me like I was stupid and then I guess I messed something else up and maria was like, 'we need to redo it.'

I remember when Mr. Elliott told me to use 'we' instead of 'you'. I didn't have a problem with it. It felt a little weird, but I got use to it. Now I hear 'we' all the time... a lot of the time, however, it's used as another word for 'you'. I hate it when she will begin something like, 'we need to go clean such and such.' well, no, basically you're telling me to go and do it. Thats fine, just phrase it more as a 'hey, can you go do such and such.' thats fine. I'll do it. you don't have to treat me like a fucking kid. I'm 20. I'm Old. Granted, not as old as you, but old none-the-less. I don't care if you speak spanish. When in America, speak English. I'm happy for you that you know the language. When in public, speak English. I kinda bit mel's head off when she was speaking in spanish at WOF. I felt bad and explained myself that that's the only exposure I get to the language and it bugs the shit out of me that they do that, but i still think that she was offended. People don't realize that when they do that, they are what I think of when thinking about that culture. I mean, if your only experience with Russian people was the math class that was taught by a russian prof that you got a D or F in, you probably wouldn't like the Russians very much, no? Well, except for the fucking annoying familys that stand in the middle of the aisle or the stupid slow drivers, the mexican cooks and damn families that come in at 10:30 in the morning with $100 dollar bill to pay for $40 of stuff and expect change quickly, or the ones that breed like rabbits and smell, are the only exposure I get. and the ones that stare. but thats a different story.

And people wonder why I don't like them. I'm not racist, I have just had bad encounters with the ones that I have met! It's not like I'm just generalizing a entire country... I've met a lot of them! Those who have never met an American or have only met one really stupid or snobby person and STILL gerneralize us? they're annoying. damn kids. don't like you either!

I'm in a pissy mood still. It was a long and bad day at work.

and i have to do it again in less than 6 hours.

when will this touture end??

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Jul. 10th, 2007 02:34 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Take a deep breathe in and hold it, *counts to five* let it out, good. No repeat after me, if I kill somone I will go to jail for a very long time because they will find me if not at first someday. Love you hon hope it gets better soon!
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